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Should You Read Girl, Stop Apologizing?

I don’t remember where I heard (or read) this, but Rachel once said in response to being asked if these books were written for her daughter, she replied that she hopes her daughter, Noah, never has a need to read her books. She hopes to raise her to have the skills and self confidence to not need a book like GWYF or GSA. Now, that is an amazing goal! And honestly, I think she is accomplishing it already!

Unveiling The Mystery Of A Woman's Soul

This is one of those books that I stole off of my mom's bookshelf right before we headed for the mountains for a family weekend at a ski resort. I knew I'd have some down time, so I snatched a book and threw it in my bag. Little did I know I'd spend more time with my nose in this book that weekend than on the ski hill.