My Favorite Curly Hair Products

As you can see by the pictures up on my blog, I have naturally curly hair. But, I wasn’t born with it. That’s right, I used to be a straight haired dirty blonde kid. That all changed when I was about 10 years old and my hair texture changed drastically! It didn’t get curly right away. Oh no, it had to get frizzy first. For a while, my hair just looked like I never brushed it. Think Mia in Princess Diaries before the makeover, but less wave.

After a few grueling months of frizz and confusion, the curls started to show themselves. They started at the back of my head and worked their way forward. If you can imagine, my hair was always up in a bun or ponytail during these trying times.

I didn’t know how to control the curls nor did my mom. Tight curls were not a common family trait on either side of the family. A part of me wondered if I was adopted to be quite honest… there was even a mystery surrounding the fact that I had next to no baby pictures, which added to the evidence. But no, I am not adopted as my 10 year old self thought for a mere few days. Just the family member with the uncontrollable hair.

Right around the time this was happening, my family took our first trip to Disneyland. My mom wanted it to be easy to care for my hair while we were on vacation, so we went to the salon and had cornrows done. You know, the popular style of getting cornrows just from the front the about where a headband would sit. It worked wonders in controlling the beast until I took a shower. As my hair dried the little rubber bands holding my cornrows in place started popping. We’d be walking around Disneyland and all the sudden I’d hear (and feel) a snap. My hair was expanding and the rubber bands were breaking under the pressure!

So, I eventually learned how to take care of my curly hair (and to not ever get cornrows again!). I’ve tried so many different products through the years as so many girls do. I jumped for joy when Target and Walgreens actually started carrying products for curly hair here in Montana.

After years and years of trying to figure out my curls, I fell in love with them! They weren’t a hassle anymore, but a blessing. Having curly hair is just a part of who I am. Oh, and I think I finally got used to people touching my hair all the time (Well, not completely comfortable with that yet).

Some photos for proof and a good laugh

Here are a few of my favorite products for naturally curly hair:


1.Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls

I use this when I’m in a bit of a rush and don’t have time to let a product really soak in before doing a finishing touch diffuser session on it. This is my go to when I need a quick wash and style.


2. OGX Coconut Curls Hair Butter

I use this as a leave in conditioner, as a styler, and as a wash out conditioner. It is extremely versatile!


3. Cantu Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream

This smells like my childhood, yet I didn’t start using it until my 20s. It is a great leave in conditioner that I use about once a week.


4. TXTR by Cantu Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Cream

I just started using the TXTR line by Cantu and I love it! Not very expensive, but does the hair good!


5. Maui Moisture Curl Smoothie

This is one I keep going back to because it works so well. It’s a great styler for when you want more volume and less defined curls.