Should You Read Girl, Stop Apologizing?

If you are a Rachel Hollis fan, raise your hand!

Ok, there has been so much hype around this new book by Rachel Hollis called Girl, Stop Apologizing. I most definitely pre-ordered this book out of anticipation! t’s basically a sequel or companion to her first book, Girl, Wash Your Face. Both books dive into personal development and self confidence. Girl, Wash Your Face (GWYF) dives more into the lies we as women believe and tell ourselves. You can learn more about the GWYF book by reading the blog post I did discussing the 3 major lessons the book provided.

Now, Girl, Stop Apologizing (GSA) is geared more toward embracing your purpose and pursuing your goals. Rachel divided GSA into 3 parts: Excuses to Let Go Of, Behaviors to Adopt, and Skills to Acquire. This provided a different format than I was expecting, but it was very similar to how she structures a lot of her content. So, it's on brand for her. Rachel Hollis is all about letting go of your past, embracing and accepting where you are, while never losing sight of the goals ahead.

I personally got a lot out of reading Girl, Wash Your Face. I read it shortly after it came out last year. If you’ve read my post about it, you know how much I enjoyed that book! Diving into Girl, Stop Apologizing, I had high expectations for sure!

I want to get real honest here. I didn’t enjoy GSA as much as I did GWYF. Now, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great book!

Last year, I was in a place where I needed GWYF. I needed that confidence boost as I had just made a huge leap of faith in my career! The timing of me reading that book was perfect! I had recently quit my job to work full-time being self-employed. Reading GWYF was one of the many books I read around that time which helped me through that transition and change. I was second guessing my decision until I just decided to own it!

Fast forward to present day, the content in GSA wasn’t necessarily as relevant for me as I was expecting. Here is the kicker though… I’m actually really proud of that fact. As I was reading GSA, I realized everything in it was so good, but nothing in it screamed you needed to read this! 

As weird as it may seem to say, I was really excited to read through GSA for the very fact of confirming I was growing as a person! That all my hard work is paying off and I was somewhat beyond the content of this book. I felt I was already doing most of what she talks about in the book. Probably in part because I have been tuning into her social media content, podcast, and documentary since reading GWYF!

How often do you get to really see your personal growth that clearly?! Honestly, sometimes it feels like a shot in the dark because most of the time there really isn’t any tangible evidence of your personal development. Now, I still have a long way to go, but at least I know I’m going somewhere!

I don’t remember where I heard (or read) this, but Rachel once said in response to being asked if these books were written for her daughter, she replied that she hopes her daughter, Noah, never has a need to read her books. She hopes to raise her to have the skills and self confidence to not need a book like GWYF or GSA. Now, that is an amazing goal! And honestly, I think she is accomplishing it already!

Even so, there are some amazing nuggets of wisdom provided in this book! Below are a few of my favorite GSA quotes!

“[Many women in the world] are operating at a fraction of their potential because they haven’t encountered a catalyst strong enough to unlock it” -Rachel Hollis, GSA

“We need you to stop apologizing for being who you are and become who you were meant to be”. -Rachel Hollis, GSA

“Oh, not verbally apologizing. My apologies were so much more hurtful because I didn’t say I’m sorry with my words. I apologized with the way I lived my life.” -Rachel Hollis, GSA

“This isn’t a question of whether you can do something well, because nearly anything can be learned; this is a question of whether you’re humble enough to suck for as long as it takes you to become better”. -Rachel Hollis, GSA

If you felt motivated or were nodding your head in agreement after reading those, I suggest you go get yourself a copy. The principles and lessons in GSA may be a little on the beginner side for some, but that doesn’t mean it won’t add value to your life. If you felt like Rachel is speaking your language with those quotes, then you really need to get the book! Because you may be in a similar situation I was last year. Needing some guidance and wisdom.

If you fee like you’ve heard all this before and didn’t feel any conviction from reading these quotes. Then, I say just go ahead and pick a different book! I totally understand your position. Sometimes a book can have some great content, but it’s only great if it makes you feel connected and convicted from the content.

Wherever you are in life, personal development is so important! God wants us to continually grow as humans so we are closer to being the person we were created to be. Rachel is a prime example of working hard to become the woman God needs her to be to live out her life’s purpose. Rachel Hollis is adding value to women in so many different walks of life.

With Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel is creating a wave of women who are confident, driven, and authentic who someday won’t need the books she writes. I ultimately think that’s been her goal.

“It doesn’t matter if I believe in you. It doesn't matter if I’m fired up on your behalf. I can write a thousand books and post a million inspiring Instagram stories, and none of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself.” -Rachel Hollis, GSA

If you aren’t already, I highly recommend you follow Rachel on social media, jump on her Start Today morning show, and start listening to her Rise Podcast. She is adding incredible value and insight on all her platforms!