Should You Read Girl, Stop Apologizing?

I don’t remember where I heard (or read) this, but Rachel once said in response to being asked if these books were written for her daughter, she replied that she hopes her daughter, Noah, never has a need to read her books. She hopes to raise her to have the skills and self confidence to not need a book like GWYF or GSA. Now, that is an amazing goal! And honestly, I think she is accomplishing it already!

Keep Moving Forward

Where does this fear come from? Kids don’t fear learning to walk or learning to speak. They just keep trying and trying after every failed attempt because they don’t fear failure. They don’t care that they have fallen on their butt 12,000 times before they are able to walk across the room successfully. So, if we weren’t born with this fear of failure, where did it come from?

My Favorite Curly Hair Products

After years and years of trying to figure out my curls, I fell in love with them! They weren’t a hassle anymore, but a blessing. Having curly hair is just a part of who I am. Oh, and I think I finally got used to people touching my hair all the time (Well, not completely comfortable with that yet).

The Magnolia Story: 5 Reasons You Should Read It

I picked up this book and could not put it down because I enjoyed hearing their story, but also hearing about their business struggles. They are very candid in their financial, personal, and business woes throughout the entire book. Not only that, but they share how they achieved some of their biggest successes! With that being said, I want to share with you my 5 reasons to read The Magnolia Story!

New Year Goals

As we move into the new year, what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any or did you jump off the bandwagon? I get it. New Year’s Resolutions are pretty cliche. That’s why I like to say they are my New Year Goals instead!

8 Apps To Make Your Life Easier

There are some apps that waste your time (actually a lot of them!), some that make you more productive, some that entertain you, and so much more. How do you even choose between the millions of apps you can download?! To help you out a little, I’m sharing my 8 favorite apps to make my life easier.

4 Lessons from Reading Big Magic

If you are a creative person (or want to be), Big Magic will definitely help you in a few different ways. If you are extremely analytical and think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I still believe this is a good book for you! Mostly because everyone is creative, just in different ways. You might find that you are more creative than you think after reading this book.

The 5 Best Things About Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season! The days get cooler and outside gets more colorful! Plus, wearing boots and scarves becomes not only accepted but practical. Fall means sipping warm drinks while snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, that Christmas is coming soon, and that ski season is almost upon us. It’s really a season of transition and expectation.

My 5 Favorite Podcasts

If you stop learning, you become stagnant. When you become stagnant, you allow yourself to live in your comfort zone.  When you live in your comfort zone, you aren’t in the area of growth where God wants you to be. God wants us to learn, grow, and study throughout our entire lives.

New hair, who dis?

The other day I did something kind of crazy... I cut and colored my own hair! Yes, by myself. On my own. Alone. Some of you are gasping as you fall out of your chair. It sounds crazy, but I just needed a change. Have you ever felt that way? You don't want to cut your hair, dye it a new color, or style it a different way. You need to. Why is this? Here is my theory>>>

Unveiling The Mystery Of A Woman's Soul

This is one of those books that I stole off of my mom's bookshelf right before we headed for the mountains for a family weekend at a ski resort. I knew I'd have some down time, so I snatched a book and threw it in my bag. Little did I know I'd spend more time with my nose in this book that weekend than on the ski hill.