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Why I Started Bible Journaling

Reading the bible is not all about how good the flowers look in the margins that you spent 2 hours painting. It’s about the actual words. Now, I’m not saying the women who have those amazing bibles are wrong in creating art with their bibles. I just knew that I, personally, would get way too caught up in the aesthetic of it all and not the actual message and verses! Kudos to all the women who can do both!

In The Word Series: Proverbs 16:3

A friend and I were discussing this not too long ago. I shared my fears and anxieties about messing up God’s plan. She simply said, “You aren’t that powerful”. I sat their thinking over that statement. What truth she spoke. Who am I to say I have the power to change or ruin God’s plan for my life.

In The Word Series: Psalms 139

When I was younger, I always assumed I had to read the Bible from cover to cover. So, every new year I’d start reading Genesis and very rarely get past Numbers. I’m not sure where I got this idea that I had to read it in order from Genesis to Revelations. But, there I was trying so hard to get past all the lineages and family trees listed in the Old Testament.