Faith + Moxie

As you know if you read my previous welcome post, Moxie is one of my favorite words. I first heard it when I was at a conference back in, let’s say, 2013. The speaker was talking about how she had built her business with grit and moxie. I was so confused with the weird choice of words. But then she explained the meaning behind those words and how it defined her success. After that, I was hooked on the word moxie. Grit, not so much. I mean, it’s not as pretty or exciting as moxie.

So, moxie became an important word in my vocabulary. Strangely enough, more so in my faith life than anything. Let me explain...

A lot of times, faith and strength are not words usually said in the same sentence. The world views faith and belief in God as a weakness, not a strength. Some say that belief in God is a reliance on something outside of yourself that creates dependency. 

What people who don’t believe in God don’t understand is that faith in God is not an outward dependence. This is something that is so hard to explain to people who have never had a relationship with God. I’ve tried and it always comes out sounding like a conspiracy theory! But, I’ll give it a shot here…



Faith in God is a inner-dependence because God is within us always. He gives us an inner strength we wouldn’t have outside of him. The inner strength we continue to learn and grow in because of God is what I like to call inner moxie.


The official definition of Moxie is:






  • force of character, determination, or nerve.


“MOXIE. It’s a street smart spirit that’s as old as recorded history and as new as the rising sun. David had it; Goliath didn’t. It’s that intangible tangible. You don’t learn it in school and you can’t get it from a book. It can jump oceans and move mountains. It says, ‘Make your life what it can be. Take your life wherever it can go.’”- Unknown


Believing in God takes Moxie. Faith in God doesn’t automatically give you an easy life. Actually, it makes your life harder in most cases. God doesn’t guarantee an easy life, just that He will be there for us through all of it.


God Does Give You What You Can’t Handle

You know the ever popular saying “God doesn't give you what you can’t handle”? I don’t believe that’s true. God doesn’t give us things we already know we can do and achieve. He puts us in situations that are meant to grow us and challenge us. He didn’t create us to be complacent and live in our comfort zones. God knows we can do it, but when we are faced with new or unknown mountains to climb, they are mountains we have never climbed before. So how could we handle it in that moment when we’ve never had to before? We will come to handle it because of the growth we achieve by stretching beyond our realm of knowledge and comfort. That mountain will become climbable because of the growth God puts us through to get to the top.


The Mountains

God wants us to thrive. He continues to push us out of our comfort zones and on to those mountains because He knows we can. We have no idea we can climb that mountain and think God is crazy for thinking we can! But, the journey up is where we learn our strengths and how much MOXIE we’ve really got!

I’ve had to climb many mountains I didn’t think I could get to the top. And my guess is, so have you. God seems to really like the “learn as you go” method! So far, it looks like He knows what He’s doing. So, I’ll continue to start climbing up mountains that basically make me faint just looking at them!


Fear Factor

I think there are a lot of people who don’t realize just how much inner moxie they’ve got! The most unlikely of person can have a boat load of untapped moxie because their trust in God (or themselves) isn’t there yet. We’ve all probably experienced this. You see the direction God is pointing you to, but try to ignore it because it scares you. No? Oh, just me then ;) 

That’s when you have to not only trust in God, but trust in yourself. It’s kind of like a two sided coin. You can’t trust in one and not the other when it comes to releasing your inner moxie.


Not For Everyone

I feel my biggest struggle with stepping out of my comfort zone is what others are going to think of what I’m doing. People around you may think you’re crazy or judge you for the decisions you’ve made. The only voice that matters is yours and God’s. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s timing is different.


When I decided to go full time with my digital marketing business with my brother a few months ago, I got so many funny responses. Like, “Wow…. that’s interesting” or “Why? Didn’t you like your job?”. But, I also have some amazing people in my life that cheered me on and who were even willing to pass the word along if they knew someone in need of our services.


But for me, it didn’t matter what the responses were. God had placed this yearning and passion to take the risk and jump in with both feet. Was I scared, heck yes! I just put all my focus on where I God was leading me.


“Your calling is meant for you, not everyone else. Everybody may not get it, and that’s okay. It’s not for them. They weren’t designed for this. YOU WERE. God didn’t place it in their heart. He placed it in yours. If we left the plans and purposes of our life in the hands of people our entire life would be conformed to what people want to see instead of who God made us to be, and that’s just no way to live.” -Britney Moses


Faith + Moxie

The combination of faith and moxie is unmatched in my opinion. It is a force of character fueled by God and His plans. It’s the determination to keep going when everyone is against you. It’s the nerve to take the first step up that mountain you aren’t sure where it will take you or if you’ll even make it to the top. That’s why moxie is a big part of my faith. I need moxie in my faith to follow God where he leads me. I need it to have strength of courage when my faith is questioned.