Welcome to MT Moxie

Welcome to Montana Moxie!

Glad you’re here! I’m Teresa and I’ll be your guide ;) 

What is Montana Moxie?

I went back and forth as to what this blog would ultimately be. There are so many things to write about and so many options on what to call it! Finally, I decided on Montana Moxie. In my early stages of planning, I wanted to do a travel blog which was named Montana Gypsy. I was really excited and jumped in head first!  After getting everything set up, I had a bit of a realization. 

The reason I wanted to start a blog was to bring joy and inspiration to the readers. That was the main goal. Travel is great and all, but it didn’t quite fit the reason behind my motivation. So, I started over again and starting brainstorming. After Montana Gypsy, I thought of doing a purely faith based blog called Moxie Faith. Again, went all out in the planning for this blog and it just didn’t feel right.

Then, I realized that travel and my relationship with God are great topics to write about, but maybe it’s not so much about the topic. Maybe it’s really all about the heart and soul of the blog. Maybe it’s more important to cultivate a connection with the readers than finding a niche. You’d think I would have made this connection WAY sooner considering I work in digital marketing.

The difference is that I am writing about me and my experiences not from the perspective of someone else. Writing for a business is so much different than writing about something personal. When I write for clients, I have to embody the brand and the voice of the business. This is far more personal.

So  with a combination of the 2 previous names, I came up with Montana Moxie. Montana because it’s homey and comfortable to me. Moxie because it’s basically my favorite word! Plus, moxie is determination, strength, and having the nerve to step out of your comfort zone. With Montana and Moxie put together, you get the contrast of feeling comfortable and stepping out of your comfort zone. I think life needs to be a good balance of both.


So, there you have it: Montana Moxie. M & M. Comfort and Discomfort. 

Montana Moxie is a lifestyle blog. I might write about travel, my faith, or maybe I’ll write about how much I hate pickles. Who knows. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see ;)