Why I Started Bible Journaling

So, most of you have probably seen all those amazing photos of the artistically design journaling bibles. You know, the ones with water color art in the margins and beautifully highlighted verses. Ever since this became a trend ( or when I noticed it was a trend), I wanted to run to the store and buy a journaling bible! Everything in me was screaming, “I want my bible to look like that!”.

I didn’t buy myself one until last week. The reason being, I did not need a journaling bible for the sake of having a cuter, more Instagram worthy version of God’s word. I wanted it for all the wrong reasons at first. So, I restrained from buying myself one.

Reading the bible is not all about how good the flowers look in the margins that you spent 2 hours painting. It’s about the actual words. Now, I’m not saying the women who have those amazing bibles are wrong in creating art with their bibles. I just knew that I, personally, would get way too caught up in the aesthetic of it all and not the actual message and verses! Kudos to all the women who can do both!

You may be asking why I decided to finally get one. Well, it all started when I found a video on Youtube. Jordan Lee Dooley has a video on how to use a bible journal without all the fluff and still make it pretty. She doesn't spend hours creating art, she just highlights and takes notes in a very organized and colorful manner. That is what reopened the door to me buying a journaling bible!

I highly recommend you watch her video. I linked it here.

Once I watched that video, I saw the art become function. I saw the purchase become a one of productivity vs feeding my want for a good Insta shot. The focus is on the words and the content, not the art around it. This is what I needed. Someone to show be how to use this tool in a way I wouldn't get sucked into not paying attention to what really matters. I mean, I consider myself a creative person. So, anything involving creativity and art would overshadow the content of the bible. Plus, I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist!

So, here I go on my bible journaling journey!