Working From Home

It seems that everyone's dream is the ability to get their work done from home. As a recently designated "work from home" business owner I can tell you their are some great pros to getting your work done in your PJs. Their are, of course, also a few cons of the experience. So, here are 6 pros and cons of working from home!


1. The struggle to get out of bed is REAL

Now that I don't have a strict time to be somewhere for work, my bed seems to not let me out from underneath the covers as easily. Seriously, I wants to hold me hostage every morning for at least another 30 minutes! When you don't have a boss who will glare at you coming in the door 5 minutes late, the motivation to get out of bed isn't as strong. It took me a while to get a system set up to combat the want to sleep in. I realized I am not one of those early risers that everyone says you have to be to be successful. I'm just not, and that's okay!

The way I keep from sleeping in every morning is being very strict on my morning routine. If I miss my morning routine, it throws my day off a bit. Every morning I wake up at 7:30, drink a glass of water, hop on the elliptical for 30-45 minutes, do my devotions, have breakfast, and then get ready for the day (which sometimes means just showering and getting in new PJs!). Keeping this schedule every morning gets me ready for the day and gives me a little extra boost when it's time to get up!

2. Distractions... distractions everywhere

The TV stares at me all day. Oh Netflix... how easy it would be to get distracted by you. Oh, and all the books I've been wanting to read. But, my biggest distraction is my phone! It's way easier to get caught up in playing Disney Emoji Blitz when you don't have to worry about your boss seeing you stare at your phone. So many apps, so little time. I mean, I could totally watch YouTube videos all day! Distractions are the death of productivity. 

Distractions are hard as I live close to a lot of my family. I see my nephews playing outside and I just want to spend the day with them going on adventures and singing songs with them as I push them on the swing. It took quite a bit of will power to say no as often as I do. And also to set my phone In another room for a while to get some work done without any distractions. 

3. You can't actually leave work at work

When you work at home, you can't just leave the office at 5pm and not think about it for the rest of the day. It seems work creeps into everything you do because its always there... waiting. That whole "out of site out of mind" thing is real. When I'm home, my to-do list is almost always on my mind because my to-do list is literally sitting on my desk 10 feet away. It's not some distant place I have to drive to anymore. My mindset had to change quite a bit to find some balance in my life! 


1. Work can get done at any hour of the day

This is one of the best things about working from home! Now, this isn't the case for everyone because it depends what you do for a living. But for me, I can pretty much work at anytime of the day I please! I usually end up getting my work done after I have finished my morning routine and in the late afternoon or evening. I love having the afternoon to run errands, go to coffee with friends, hit the gym, or just chill and read! The reason I work at the times I do is those are my most productive times of the day. Working form home lets me utilize my most productive times of the day, which in turn helps me get more done in less time!

2. No office politics

Ah yes, the dreaded office politics. Always worrying about saying the right thing or doing something that will be construed as wrong or offensive. Trying to make sure you stay on good terms with the people you have to see everyday whether you like them or not. I was really bad at this... I mean really bad! I kinda just did my own thing and hoped for the best. I mean, of course I followed guidelines and was pleasant to the people around me. But, if I didn't enjoy your company and didn't work with you directly, I didn't stop to chat going to and from the break room.

Now, I my focus is strictly on serving my clients in the best way possible. Oh, and getting along with my business partner/brother. But, that is never really an issue (thank goodness!).  

3. Your office can be anywhere

This is something I am really excited about for the future! Right now, I'm working from home and the occasional coffee shop. Eventually, I want to work from a coffee shop in Rome or Paris! If my office is pretty much just me and my computer, why not taking on some adventures? My office can be anywhere I want it to be. I am very excited for when I can take my work on the road. The reason I haven't done this yet is because I want to be more established and have a bit more figured out before I take the leap.